Non-Electric Bidet


Boss Bidet Non-Electric Luxury Toilet Bidet Attachment Water Sprayer Dual Nozzle White and Blue.

Professional installation included.


The Boss Bidet Luxury toilet attachment is designed to provide a hands-free water cleansing for your bottom. What is it? The Boss Bidet Luxury attaches to your toilet in 15 minutes and spray cleans your butt when you are finished using the bathroom. How does it work? 1) By turning the knob, water sprays at the right spot to give you a fresh shower clean feeling 2) Dry your rear with 1-2 sheets of toilet paper. 3) Walk away feeling shower clean. Boss Bidet Luxury Features: Dual nozzles for front and rear cleaning. Self-cleaning nozzle system. Nozzles retract when not in use. Universal Toilet Fit. Attaches to most standard two-piece toilets. Not compatible with most one piece toilets. Adjustable round plates for a secure fit. Comes with: One Year Warranty from Boss Bidet Plastic hose and plastic T-adaptor Includes instruction manual and installation video on our website: Health Benefits: Improves Rectal & Genital Hygiene Improves Menstruation Cleansing Assists Senior Citizen Mobility Assists Elders and Individuals with a disability Cleaning Before & After Intimate Activities Eases Cleansing for Pregnant Women Hemorrhoids Pain and Itch Relief Prevents Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Eases Constipation Details: Environmentally Friendly Non-Electric

  • CLEANS YOUR REAR IN 1.3 SECONDS – Attach, Spray, Clean, Ahhhhh! Always feel fresh leaving the bathroom.
  • INSTALLS IN 15 MINUTES – Anyone can easily install Boss Bidet by watching our installation video or reading our manual. No plumbing experience needed.
  • TWO CLEANING MODES  – Boss has two cleaning features, Rear cleaning and Front cleaning for women and men.
  • SELF CLEANING NOZZLE – This feature is important because it ensures the nozzles remain free of residue before and after using the bidet. When turned on, water sprays and cleans the nozzles. The nozzles are also retract when not in use.
  • CONSUME LESS TOILET PAPER – The Boss Bidet pays for itself. With the Boss Bidet, you will reduce TP consumption by 63% (On Average). Less toilet paper = more money in your pocket and more trees on earth!


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